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  • Pyshka

    Pyshka (1934)


    A company of French bourgeois travel through the territories occupied by Germans in a stagecoach accompanied by a woman of the oldest profession.
  • Randy Rides Alone

    Randy Rides Alone (1934)


    Banditi predvođeni Mett the Muteom ulaze u bar i ubiju nekolicinu ljudi. Randy Bowers dolazi u grad i on biva optužen za zločin. Matte the Mutea ustvari radi za šerifa i ovaj ne zna da je uz njega...
  • Riptide

    Riptide (1934)

    drama, ljubavni

    Park Avenue party-girl Mary (
  • Sadie McKee

    Sadie McKee (1934)

    drama, ljubavni

    The life of Sadie McKee takes many twists and turns. She starts as the daughter of the cook for the well off Alderson family. Lawyer Michael Alderson likes Sadie but she runs off to New York City...
  • Search for Beauty

    Search for Beauty (1934)

    kriminalistički, komedija, ljubavni

    Three shady characters - Larry, Jean, and Dan - want to make money legally by resuscitating a fitness magazine with cheesecake and beefcake photos and salacious stories with tacked-on morals. They...
  • Shen nu

    Shen nu (1934)


    An unnamed devoted mother sells herself by night on the streets of Shanghai in order to support herself and her infant son. When a gambler who calls himself "the Boss" strong-arms his way into...
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  • So endete eine Liebe

    So endete eine Liebe (1934)


    the political advisor to the French emperor Napoleon, and the Austrian emperor Franz I, arrange a marriage between Napoleon and the Austrian archduchess Marie-Luise in order to prevent another war.
  • Stand Up and Cheer!

    Stand Up and Cheer! (1934)

    komedija, glazbeni

    President Franklin Roosevelt appoints a theatrical producer as the new Secretary of Amusement in order to cheer up an American public still suffering through the Depression. The new secretary soon...