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  • Blood Honey

    Blood Honey (2017)

    drama, misterij, triler, horor

    Tortured by the memory of a childhood trauma, a woman returns after a decade to her family's fly-in hunting lodge to assist her siblings with their dying father, only to find herself stuck in a life...
  • Charlie Chan at Treasure Island

    Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939)

    kriminalistički, misterij, komedija, triler, horor

    A novelist friend of Charlie's appears to have committed suicide. At the international Exposition held on San Francisco Bay's Treasure Island Charlie shows that Zodiac, a phony mystic who blackmails...
  • Clowntergeist

    Clowntergeist (2017)


    Emma, a college student with a crippling fear of clowns, must come face to face with her worst fear when an evil spirit in the body of a clown is summoned terrorizing the town she calls home.
  • Count Dracula

    Count Dracula (1977)


    For those familiar with Bram Stoker's novel, this adaptation follows the book quite closely in most respects. Jonathan Harker visits the Count in Transylvania to help him with preparations to move to...
  • Dead End

    Dead End (2016)

    triler, horor

    Friends embark on a cross country criminal spree that ends horribly. Reckless actions take them from being ruthless criminals to helpless victims, and survival comes in the form of a washed up Deputy...
  • Dead of Night

    Dead of Night (1945)

    fantazija, horor

    Film fantastike/horor. Arhitekt Walter Craig (M. Johns) stiže na selo i okupljenima na zabavi otkrije da ih je već vidio, ali u svom snu. Čini se da ih ne poznaje od prije, međutim, može predvidjeti...
  • Devil's Domain

    Devil's Domain (2016)


    Devil's Domain tells the story of LISA POMSON, a troubled, social media obsessed teen, conflicted with her sexuality and her parents misunderstanding of her. When Lisa gets secretly filmed binging...
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)

    znanstvena fantastika, horor

    Based on the story by Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr. Henry Jekyll believes that there are two distinct sides to men - a good and an evil side. He believes that by separating the two man can become...
  • Gekijô ban Kara no kyôkai: Satsujin kôsatsu (Go)

    Gekijô ban Kara no kyôkai: Satsujin kôsatsu (Go) (2009)

    drama, kriminalistički, misterij, animirani, akcija, horor

    February 1999: A new spate of ferocious murders has caught the eye of both Shiki and Daisuke, Mikiya's cousin who investigated the murders occurred in 1995. Shiki wanders the back alleys of the...
  • Häxan

    Häxan (1922)

    fantazija, dokumentarni, horor

    Švedsko-danski igrano-dokumentarni nijemi (horor) film snimljen 1922. u režiji Benjamina Christensena. U njemu se fenomen vještica, odnosno vjerovanja u njih, nastoji objasniti kroz dostignuća...
  • Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte

    Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964)

    drama, kriminalistički, misterij, triler, horor

    Charlotte Hollis je ostarjela, paralizirana južnjačka bogatašica, koja pozove siromašnu rođakinju na svoje oronulo imanje da se brine o njoj, u zamjenu za krov nad glavom. Njene muke tek počinju...
  • Panna a netvor

    Panna a netvor (1978)

    misterij, ljubavni, fantazija, horor

    A more horrific and gloomy version of The Beauty and the Beast. Julie is a bankrupt merchant's daughter who as the only one of the three daughters chooses to save her father's life by going to the...
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