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ljubavni, fantazija (2019)

All You Ever Wished For

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All You Ever Wished For


All You Ever Wished For




ljubavni, fantazija


86 min


Barry Morrow


Barry Morrow

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James Remar
  >  Gordon Hutton
Claudio Bigagli
  >  Father Santo Martini
Duccio Camerini
  >  Aldo
Massimo De Lorenzo
  >  Bambo
Douglas Dean
  >  Hugo
Domenico Fortunato
  >  Robustelli
Remo Girone
  >  Don Rossi
Ángela Molina
  >  Signor Corvo
Roberto Nobile
  >  Prospero
Giulio Corso
  >  Rocco
Darren Criss
  >  Tyler Hutton
Andrea Fachinetti
  >  Paolo
Ryan Sweeney
  >  Frank Morabito
Mãdãlina Ghenea
  >  Rosalia Drago
Marion Dunn
  >  Marta


"ALL YOU EVER WISHED FOR" is a fanciful tale of romance, comedy, and Italian charm. It begins in Milan with the abduction of a young American, the son of a wealthy businessman, and a ransom demand. But when the three bumbling mafia kidnappers and their hapless victim get lost in the mountains, they end up spending the night in an abandoned cottage that is under a gypsy spell. Upon awakening, each man falls instantly in love with the first soul to meet his gaze, which are, for the kidnappers: a homely spinster; a handsome woodsman; and one cute cow. The American, as luck would have it, is smitten by the sharp-tongued, raven-haired village beauty. Despite everyone's pure motives, things begin to unravel when the double-crossed mafia don and the victim's father arrive on scene to put an end to the madness. But they, too, fall victim to that gypsy love spell, and our tale comes to a fitting end with everyone getting what they wished for - or at least what they deserved.
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