kriminalistički, triler (2019)


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kriminalistički, triler


80 min


Marcus Mizelle


Marcus Mizelle

Glavne uloge:

Andrew Golov
  >  Jimmy Sales
David Alan Graf
  >  Lt. Bailey
Frederick Keeve
  >  Mr. Lonnegan
Alicia Leigh Willis
  >  Rebecca
Tom Alper
  >  Mr. Fallon
Tiana Whitley
  >  Sara Mitchell
Joel Hogan
  >  Patrick
Anette Puskas
  >  Nora
Daniel Tolbert
  >  Det. Peoples
Acelina Kuchukova
  >  Annette Lonnegan
Jeff Prater
  >  Frank
Donald Prabatah
  >  Dolph
Samuel Whitehill
  >  Lawrence Colet
Fernanda Hay
  >  Mariana Colet
Allison Rose Willams
  >  Jenna Sales


Recently released ex con Patrick is unable to find a legitimate opportunity to get ahead and stumbles back into a life of crime when unpredictable Dolph, whom he owes for protection while in prison, pays him a visit. They begin a series of cons that involve seducing and kidnapping west LA trophy wives in order to extort money from their wealthy husbands. However, their latest victim Rebecca is not who she seems, threatening to ruin everything just when Patrick's had a change of heart and ready to call it quits.
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