drama, misterij, horor (2004)

Hum Kaun Hai?

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Hum Kaun Hai?


Hum Kaun Hai?




drama, misterij, horor


119 min


Ravi Sharma Shankar


Talat Rekhi

Glavne uloge:

Amitabh Bachchan
  >  Frank James Williams
Amitabh Bachchan
  >  Major Frank John Williams
  >  Virendra 'Viru' (Guest Appearance)
Moushumi Chatterjee
  >  Mrs. Martha Pinto
Prem Chopra
  >  Anita's husband
Vikram Gokhale
  >  Virendra's boss
Dimple Kapadia
  >  Sandra Williams
Suhasini Mulay
  >  Anita
Abhijit Lahiri
  >  Edgar
Master Aman
  >  David Williams
Hansika Motwani
  >  Sara Williams (as Baby Hansika)
Master Vicky
  >  Vicky
Seema Rahmani
  >  Maria


After the mysterious disappearance of her maid, butler, and gardener, Mrs. Sandra Williams, the wife of Major Frank, who lives in a palatial house with two children, Sara and David, writes a letter to the local employment agency to get replacements. Martha Pinto, in the company of Edgar and Maria, a dumb woman, apply for these vacancies. Sandra hires them, explains that her children's eyes may be damaged by sunlight, the curtains are to be drawn at all times, as she gets migraines by any loud noise everyone must remain quiet, there is no electricity and all work must be done during the daytime, and the entire house is candle-lit. The staff get busy with their work, and it is then Sarah tells her mom that she has noticed other people in the house that are visible to her only, and she draws the picture of a male, a female (his wife), their son, Vicky, and an elder woman with magical powers. Sandra disbelieves her, but when she starts feeling someone's presence in her house, as well as ...
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