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drama, kratki (1914)

Little Jack

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Little Jack


Little Jack




drama, kratki


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  >  Dan Moran (as P.E. Peters)
Jackie Saunders
  >  Little Sunbeam aka Little Jack


Little Sunbeam, an orphan, was adopted by her uncle at a very young age, and as he was a leader of a gang of thieves and outlaws, he kept her sex a secret from the gang, and dressed Sunbeam in boys' clothes and called her Jack. This story takes up "Jack" at the age of 14. Dan Morau, a wealthy lumberman, returning from a trip of inspection of his forest reserves, stops for shelter at Uncle Bill's. Little Jack makes things very comfortable for the handsome stranger. Little Jack climbs up the ladder to her attic bed. Moran decides to retire to his room for the night, but in the presence of the gang displays a priceless watch and chain. After Moran has retired to his room, the gang plans to rob Moran. Little Jack, from the attic above, hears their plans, climbs out of her window, and warns Moran. While he dresses, she goes to the barn and fetches his horse, and Moran makes his escape. Little Jack, knowing the fate she would suffer at the hands of Bill when the flight of Moran would be ...
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