kratki, komedija (1914)

Love Charm

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Love Charm


Love Charm




kratki, komedija


Joseph Levering


The leading character in this farce is Willie, the proverbial "tired" boy whose greatest happiness in life is eat. His father drives him from home, with the admonition that he must shift for himself. He departs, much to the joy of the entire household. In his wanderings he comes upon a camp of gypsies. In exchange for his few remaining pennies they offer him a powder, wonderful in effect. They tell him to secretly administer a little of this miraculous philter to his most bitter enemies and they cannot resist loving him. Willie decides to buy a quantity of this love-impelling powder, and use it to regain his father's favor and his well-loved home. His plan works out successfully and all goes well until his crusty old uncle arrives and it is then up to Willie to make Uncle love him. Willie hies himself to the gypsies for another portion of the marvelous love charm. By mistake, the old gypsy makes a blunder and instead of getting the love powder, Willie gets a large portion of the "...
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