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kriminalistički, komedija (2018)

Ola de crímenes

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Ola de crímenes


Ola de crímenes




kriminalistički, komedija


98 min


Gracia Querejeta


Luis Marías

Glavne uloge:

Juana Acosta
  >  Susana Salazar
Txema Blasco
  >  Padre de Andoni
Javier Cámara
  >  Padre
Patxi Freytez
  >  Padre de Julen
Teresa Lozano
  >  Paqui
Antonio Resines
  >  Andoni Galarza
Luis Tosar
  >  Cosme
Maribel Verdú
  >  Leyre
Nora Navas
  >  Ikerne
Montse Pla
  >  Evelyn
Raúl Peña
  >  Juantxu
Paula Echevarría
  >  Vanesa
Raúl Arévalo
  >  El Taxista
Miguel Bernardeau
  >  Julen
Asier Rikarte
  >  Asier


Leyre is a forty-something woman who lives in Bilbao, Basque Country (north to Spain) that tries to open a cupcakes shop. Divorced of Cosme, a corrupt CEO who is married in second terms with Vanesa, her attempt to build a life for herself and her teen son Asier turns upside-down after to realize that the absent-minded Asier killed his father during a Cosme's visit when he started to despise openly his son. Trying to save Asier to going the jail, Leyre hides the corpse in Cosme's car and suggested by Asier, goes to a bar implying a taxi driver in a fake scene of harassment to pay attention and having an alibi. But Vanesa and her corrupt lawyer Susana start the searching of Cosme and specially of his cell phone, which it contains enough evidences to reveal an entire web of nefarious business implying other important Bilbao's CEOs. Things complicate after Julen, Asier's best friend who is falling in love with Leyre and he tries to seduce her at any cost, at the same time that Andoni and ...
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