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drama (2019)


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127 min


Gary Sturm


Gary Sturm

Glavne uloge:

G. Larry Butler
  >  Ketchum
Rebecca Klingler
  >  Barbara
Suanne Spoke
  >  Ginger
Gary Sturm
  >  G.T. Benz
Dianne Zankich
  >  Solicitor
Brad Potts
  >  Police Captain
Marshall Fox
  >  Strange Man
David Tsuboi
  >  Detective Loo
Gary Saderup
  >  Riley
Myles Cranford
  >  Harris
Shirley Dalmas
  >  Detective Warren
Christy St. John
  >  Young Maggie
Evan Bittencourt
  >  Census Taker
Kyle Butenhoff
  >  Cell Phone Clerk
Hao Do
  >  Viet Cong Fighter


G.T. Benz, a Viet Nam vet and recent widower, tries to cope with the problems of aging and loneliness -- while beset by an aggressive robo-caller. The tedium and aggravations in his life are only relieved by a weekly get-together with his old 'Nam buddies, ex-fighter pilots like himself. He joyfully looks forward to a promised visit from his long absent daughter, "Tricia," whom he describes as "my only reason for living." A poor prognosis from his doctor gives urgency to his desire to see her at least one more time. However, Tricia, unaware of G.T.'s state of health, keeps putting off her visit. Meanwhile, a 'Nam buddy dies, and the robocalls become more intense. When a manipulative woman emerges from G.T.'s past, his life is thrown into chaos and he is driven to a desperate act.
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