kratki, komedija (1914)

The Adventure of the Absent-Minded Professor

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The Adventure of the Absent-Minded Professor


The Adventure of the Absent-Minded Professor




kratki, komedija


Charles M. Seay


Frederic Arnold Kummer

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When Octavius received a letter signed by Professor Harper, asking him to come out to his country residence for the purpose of solving a mystery, he felt greatly flattered. When Octavius arrived at the Harper home, the professor explained matters. For the past two weeks, somebody had been regularly stealing from his collection of antiquities. Warning the professor to say nothing of his presence in the house, Octavius settled himself in the room with the curios and waited. While he was waiting, the professor received a telegram reminding him of an important engagement in the city that evening. In the excited hurry of departure, the professor completely forgot about Octavius. Thus it happened that when a mysterious female glided into the curio room, and abstracted a few more of the professor's relics, and when Octavius, starting to pursue her, knocked over a few antique busts, the butler, hearing the noise, and believing Octavius to be a burglar, promptly collared him and threw him into...
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