kratki, komedija (1914)

The Ever-Gallant Marquis

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The Ever-Gallant Marquis


The Ever-Gallant Marquis




kratki, komedija


Ashley Miller


Ashley Miller

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The Marquis was the pest of the hotel. His impulsive, romantic disposition, coupled with an entirely un-American manner of expression, made every man in the hotel extremely anxious to show the Marquis the interesting possibilities of a coach whip. For the Marquis lavished his attentions upon every woman in the hotel. It made not the slightest difference to him if she were single, married or engaged. For each he was a devoted slave, filled with oily smirks and sleek insinuations. One day the Marquis disappeared for a time, and returned, honi soit qui mal y pense, with a garter. This article of apparel, he proudly informed the men, he intended to give to one of the ladies in their party as a slight token of his esteem. Henry promptly wagered the Marquis that none of the ladies would accept his present. It was agreed that the attempted act of presentation should take place on the evening of a large masquerade ball at the hotel. On the evening of the dance the Marquis pursued Alice to a ...
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