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drama, kratki (1914)

The Mask

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The Mask


The Mask




drama, kratki


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Dorothy Davenport
  >  Dorothy Stevens
Henry King
  >  Henry King - Detective


The president of an Australian detective agency offers the services of their best man Henry King to the southwest coast police of California, who have been baffled by the many daring crimes committed by a gang of the underworld. Mr. King arrives in America, and upon the day of his arrival the most daring crime ever heard of is committed. Miss Dorothy Stevens is kidnapped in broad daylight in her automobile. The chauffeur was found drugged in an alley. Mr. King decides not to report this crime to the police, as to be seen with them might hinder him in his work, so he starts on the case alone. He spots his man, "Smiley Randel," holds him up, and thereby gaining his confidence, joins the gang as a first-class hold-up man. When he has located Miss Stevens, and about to get her away, Madge Burke does a clever piece of work and upsets his plans. He is bound and thrown into a room but upon rolling toward the door overhears the plans of the gang, namely, to leave the port on the schooner ...
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