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drama, kratki (1914)

The Red Cross Nurse

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The Red Cross Nurse


The Red Cross Nurse




drama, kratki


Joseph Levering

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Marian Swayne
  >  Yvette Breuil


Yvette de Breuil, an orphan, receives a legacy amounting to $3,000 from the estate of her father. With this money she takes up aviation. At the aviation school she meets and finally becomes engaged to Serge Daniloff, the son of the commanding officer of the Servian army. The young officer writes his father that he is engaged to the beautiful young French aviatress and instead of receiving his father's congratulations, he is told that a Servian officer can marry none but a Servian girl, and furthermore as Turkey and Servia have declared war he must join his regiment at once. Yvette in order to be as near her fiancé as possible, enlists in the Red Cross Society and starts immediately for the front. Pietro, General Daniloff's trusted servant, is a Turkish spy and having overheard the Servian army's plans starts to inform the Turkish authorities. He is successful and is entrusted to take a message containing the information he has stolen to the commander of the Turkish outposts. While on ...
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