James May's Cars of the People

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dokumentarni (2014)

James May's Cars of the People

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James May's Cars of the People





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Top Gear's James May presents this 3 part series which takes a look at the 'peoples car'. Covering every form of cars for the masses - from the Beetle to the Kei Car...
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  • rambo975
    Senior translator
    18.09.2014. 11:48

    James May's
    Cars of the People


    Žanr: dokumentarna
    Jezik: engleski
    Narator: James May

    Džejms Mej će kroz tri epizode pokušati da nas upozna
    sa istorijom automobila i kako je automobil postao deo
    života ljudi.


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    rambo9752014-11-19 06:35:42