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drama (2019)


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45 min

Glavne uloge:

Iwona Bielska
  >  Deputy Piotrowicz
Janusz Chabior
  >  Minister Alojzy
Tadeusz Chudecki
  >  Jadwiga's husband
Andrzej Grabowski
  >  Chairman
Ewa Kasprzyk
  >  Jadwiga
Zbigniew Zamachowski
  >  Father Director
Stanislaw Chmielewski
  >  BOR officer protecting the Prime Minister
Marcin Bosak
  >  'Bankster'
Anna Karczmarczyk
  >  Basia
Antoni Królikowski
  >  Arek
Tomasz Oswiecinski
  >  Priest Marek


When the cameras are not watching, politicians show their other true colors.

Jadwiga becomes prime minister. From now on, he has to find his way in a new role, just like other members of the government. Arek, the recently appointed head of the political cabinet of the Ministry of National Defense, discovers the temptations lurking for people in power. The president tries to control his subordinates and protect the party's image. Corruption and scandals are rampant among politicians. Private life mixes with professional life. The series version of the film "Polityka" from 2019. Patryk Vega focuses on presenting the influence of power and money on people from the world of politics.
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