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  • The Director Of The Legal Clinic Center

    The Director Of The Legal Clinic Center (2022)

    drama, misterij, ljubavni

    Soo Jae continues to face backlash over the suicide of Park So Young. With people attacking her left and right, only a handful of her students stand by her side. Soo Jae decides to give this case as...
  • Warning Signs of a Disaster

    Warning Signs of a Disaster (2021)

    drama, povijesni, ljubavni

    Myeong Hee and Hee Tae decide to leave Gwangju as soon as the day breaks. However, as they go about the city and prepare to leave, they realize that things are much different from normal.
  • A Cough, Love, And...

    A Cough, Love, And... (2021)

    drama, povijesni, ljubavni

    Hee Tae and Myeong Hee run away from the engagement ceremony hand in hand, and they decide to be true to their feelings. However, a few people witness their escape, resulting in various hurdles and...
  • Episode #1.10

    Episode #1.10 (2021)

    komedija, ljubavni

    Premier day. Will Tomer come? Can Ofer handle the stress? Will Maya finally do a lead role? Be that as it may, the show is starting.
  • Episode #1.10

    Episode #1.10 (2022)

    komedija, ljubavni

    Ye Sul and Min Hoo spend an intimate night together and she proposes a plan to further their romance.
  • Episode #1.2

    Episode #1.2 (2022)

    komedija, ljubavni

    Ye Sul sees herself in the future, naked in bed with Min Hoo, kissing and cuddling. Ye Sul is incredulous of this absurd future and goes into denial.
  • Episode #1.3

    Episode #1.3 (2022)

    komedija, ljubavni

    Ye-sul sees a future where Min Hoo gives her a ring and asks her out during the anniversary banquet.
  • Episode #1.9

    Episode #1.9 (2022)

    komedija, ljubavni

    Min Hoo makes an absurd confession and Ye Sul grows evermore curious about him.
  • Episode 3

    Episode 3 (2020)

    komedija, ljubavni

    Rehearsals start on the wrong foot - The gaps between Maya and Iris cannot be bridged, Ofer sends Irit a surprising picture, and the day ends with a blast.
  • La El Becomes Anxious

    La El Becomes Anxious (2022)

    drama, ljubavni

    Yoon Kyum and So Ra don't react as La El expected. So Ra starts to ostracize La El at the kindergarten now that she knows La El is Yoon Kyum's mistress. La El starts to become anxious, seeing no...
  • La El Disappears

    La El Disappears (2022)

    drama, ljubavni

    So Ra uses the hit-and-run accident to her advantage and begins to search for Yoon Kyum's mistress. La El keeps her distance, hitting Yoon Kyum and So Ra mentally. And as soon as she disappears, Yoon...
  • La El Takes Charge

    La El Takes Charge (2022)

    drama, ljubavni

    Yoon Kyum is utterly shocked when he learns about La El's secrets. La El and Eun Pyeong believe Pan Ro has Moon Hee. Eun Pyeong storms Pan Ro's residence with the police to search for Moon Hee, but...
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