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  • A Fall from Grace

    A Fall from Grace (2020)

    drama, triler

    Skrhana aferom bivšeg muža, Grejs Voters stupa u vezu koja joj vraća nadu u ljubav. Ali kada tajne naruše kratkotrajnu radost, njena osećajna strana postaje nasilna.
  • A Killer Next Door

    A Killer Next Door (2020)


    On November 9th 1971, John List killed his wife, mother and three children in their home in New Jersey, then disappeared without trace. Eighteen years later, in a small town in Virginia, teenager...
  • À l'abordage

    À l'abordage (2020)


    Neobičan trio razvija potpuno sumanute veze između sebe, tokom potpuno lude romantične pustolovine po francuskim selima...
  • A Nice Girl Like You

    A Nice Girl Like You (2020)

    komedija, ljubavni

    "A Nice Girl Like You" is a romantic-comedy film starring award-winning actresses Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars, Truth or Dare), Mindy Cohn (Consequences, The Facts Of Life), Jackie Cruz (Orange Is...
  • A Nun's Curse

    A Nun's Curse (2020)


    While on a weekend trip, a group of friends are forced to seek shelter inside an abandoned prison where a nun named Sister Monday had once been assigned. During her time at the prison, Sister Monday...
  • A Perfect Plan

    A Perfect Plan (2020)

    kriminalistički, misterij, akcija, triler

    Four notorious thieves wake up in a fortified warehouse and are forced by a cunning master thief to plan and commit an extraordinary diamond heist.
  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II (2020)

    triler, horor

    Mjesto tišine 2 se nastavlja na kraj prvog dijela. Nakon što im je uništen siguran doma, Evelyn (Emily Blunt) i njezino troje djece kreću dalje u nepoznati svijet, u kojem je čak i najmanji zvuk...
  • A Secret Love

    A Secret Love (2020)


    Falling in love in 1947, two women -- Pat Henschel and pro baseball player Terry Donahue -- begin a 65-year journey of love and overcoming prejudice.
  • Abigail Haunting

    Abigail Haunting (2020)


    After escaping the clutches of an abusive relationship, Katie reluctantly returns to the foster home she grew up in. Little does she know, her foster mother Marge is harboring a sinister secret...
  • Abominable

    Abominable (2020)


    A research team embarks on a journey to obtain a plant that can advance medical research by centuries. While stumbling upon clues of the previous expedition, they discover that a Yeti creature lurks...
  • Adam Strange

    Adam Strange (2020)

    drama, animirani, kratki, akcija, znanstvena fantastika, horor

    On a mining ice planet, Adam Strange awaits his chance to return to his own world while drinking himself to oblivion. When the miners unleash a deadly force, things take a horrific turn.
  • Adú

    Adú (2020)


    In the coastal autonomous city of Melilla (located in north Africa but belonging Spain), Mateo is a Civil Guard with the task to protect the barb wire which divides the city of the rest of Africa to...
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