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  • La bête humaine

    La bête humaine (1938)

    drama, kriminalistički

    Jacques Lantier is a train engineer who is prone to violent seizures, a condition he attributes to his forefathers' habit of excessive drinking. Roubaud is a train conductor on the same railroad that...
  • La femme du boulanger

    La femme du boulanger (1938)

    drama, komedija

    In this little Provencal village, a new baker, Aimable, settles down. His wife Aurelie is beautiful and much younger than he. She departs with a shepherd the night after Aimable produces his first...
  • La Marseillaise

    La Marseillaise (1938)

    drama, povijesni, glazba, ratni

    Povijesna drama. Što je zajedničko stanovnicima Marseillea, odbjeglim grofovima i kralju Luju XVI. ako ne Francuska revolucija... Renoir je u razdoblju neposredno prije Drugog svjetskog rata...
  • Le quai des brumes

    Le quai des brumes (1938)

    drama, kriminalistički, ljubavni, triler

    Glasoviti film redatelja Marcela Carnéa i scenarista Jacquesa Preverta, jedan od najboljih iz razdoblja francuskog "poetskog realizma". Jean Gabin glumi gubitnika, dezertera iz francuske vojske, koji...
  • Le roman de Werther

    Le roman de Werther (1938)

    drama, ljubavni

    Herr Werther, a new magistrate to the Grand Duchy of Walheim who is a violinist and poet, seems to have fate on his side as he meets and pursues a beautiful local woman, Charlotte. But as Werther...
  • Le schpountz

    Le schpountz (1938)


    Meeting a movie team on location near his house, a young man saw a lots of encouragment for his dreaming carreer as a movie star in what was only sarcasm from the members of the team. (This is the...
  • Little Miss Broadway

    Little Miss Broadway (1938)

    drama, glazbeni

    An orphan is provisionally adopted by the manager of a hotel populated by show business people. The hotel's owner doesn't like the entertainers and wants the girl returned to the orphanage.
  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette (1938)

    biografski, drama, povijesni, ljubavni

    The life of Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) from betrothal and marriage in 1770 to her beheading. At first, she's a Hapsburg teenager isolated in France, living a virgin's life in the household of the...
  • Mickey's Parrot

    Mickey's Parrot (1938)

    animirani, kratki, obiteljski, komedija

    A parrot belonging to an escaped killer washes up in Mickey's basement. Mickey hears it talking and thinks the parrot is the killer he's just heard about on the radio. While Mickey is skulking about...
  • Mickey's Trailer

    Mickey's Trailer (1938)

    animirani, kratki, obiteljski, komedija, avantura

    Sa Šiljom za volanom, Mikijem kao kuvarom i Pajom u kupatilu kampovanje je i više nego zanimljivo.
  • Mr. Moto Takes a Chance

    Mr. Moto Takes a Chance (1938)

    drama, kriminalistički, misterij, triler

    Beautiful aviatrix Victoria Mason teams up with Mr. Moto in South East Asia to uncover a murderous village high priest who is trying to overthrow the ruling Rajah Ali.
  • Mr. Moto's Gamble

    Mr. Moto's Gamble (1938)

    drama, kriminalistički, misterij

    Bad blood exists between Bill Steele and Frankie Stanton, the leading contenders for the heavyweight title, and a grudge match is scheduled. Steele's knockout victory is tainted by his opponent's...