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  • Der Herr auf Bestellung

    Der Herr auf Bestellung (1930)

    komedija, glazbeni

  • Die Drei von der Tankstelle

    Die Drei von der Tankstelle (1930)

    komedija, ljubavni, glazbeni

    Willy, Kurt and Hans are broke, so they sell their car and open a filling station. Then they all fall in love with the same girl.
  • Die singende Stadt

    Die singende Stadt (1930)

    ljubavni, glazbeni

    Dok je na letovanju u Napulju, bogata mlada Austrijanka otkriva pevački talent svog vodiča. On se zaljubljuje u nju, ali kada ga ona povede u Beč da ostvari karijeru, on je razočaran njenim načinom...
  • Hell's Angels

    Hell's Angels (1930)

    drama, ratni

    Two brothers attending Oxford enlist with the RAF when World War I breaks out. Roy and Monte Rutledge have very different personalities. Monte is a freewheeling womanizer, even with his brother's...
  • Hog Wild

    Hog Wild (1930)

    kratki, komedija

    Mrs. Hardy insists that Oliver mount the radio aerial on the roof before he goes off gallivanting with his friend Stanley. But with Stanley's assistance, Oliver spends more time falling off the roof...
  • Jim Shvante (marili svanets)

    Jim Shvante (marili svanets) (1930)


    Story of distant mountainous region in Georgia that depicts folklore, lifestyle and daily routines of Svani people, focuses on the scarcity of salt in Svaneti region. Rich with documentary value, the...
  • La petite Lise

    La petite Lise (1930)


    Victor Berthier, a good man but also a very jealous one, killed his wife in a fit of jealousy. After serving a few years in a chain gang, he is released for good behavior. He feels very happy to be...
  • Ladies of Leisure

    Ladies of Leisure (1930)

    drama, ljubavni

    Jerry Strong is the son of a rich businessman, but wants to be a painter. He hires Kay Arnold, a good girl with a bad past, as a model. They fall in love, and plan to get married. But Jerry's parents...
  • L'âge d'or

    L'âge d'or (1930)

    drama, komedija, horor

    Nadrealistička priča o muškarcu (G. Modot) i ženi (L. Lys), ludo zaljubljenima, koji se pokušavaju prepustiti strasti, ali ih stalno netko osujeti u tome... "Zlatno doba" je prvi film koji je Bunuel...
  • Laughing Gravy

    Laughing Gravy (1930)

    kratki, komedija

    Stanley and Oliver try unsuccessfully to keep their pet dog, "Laughing Gravy" hidden from their grumpy landlord, who throws the pooch out into the snow. The rescue and further attempts to hide the...
  • Le roman de Renard

    Le roman de Renard (1930)

    animirani, obiteljski, komedija, fantazija

    Le Roman de Renard (sh. Roman o liscu) ili Reineke Fuchs je francusko-njemački crno-bijeli animirani film snimljen 1937. godine u režiji Ladislasa i Irene Starevich, poznat kao jedno od prvih...
  • Liebling der Götter

    Liebling der Götter (1930)