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  • Tokkan kozô

    Tokkan kozô (1929)

    kratki, komedija

    A kidnapped boy proves to be more than his abductor can handle.
  • Un chien andalou

    Un chien andalou (1929)

    kratki, fantazija, horor

    Kad jedne večeri iziđe na balkon svoje kuće, te nakon što neko vrijeme promatra oblake i zvijezde, čovjek s britvom u ruci (L. Buñuel) počne rezati oko mlade djevojke (S. Mareuil). Dok se na biciklu...
  • Unaccustomed As We Are

    Unaccustomed As We Are (1929)

    kratki, komedija

    Oliver invites his friend Stanley over for a nice home-cooked meal, but Mrs. Hardy wants nothing to do with it and walks out. Mrs. Kennedy, Oliver's beautiful neighbor from across the hall...
  • Wasei kenka tomodachi

    Wasei kenka tomodachi (1929)

    kratki, komedija

    A simple story of two friends who live together in a poor tenement and who share about everything in life. Everything goes well until they gallantly rescue a woman injured in a road accident. Since...
  • Wild Orchids

    Wild Orchids (1929)

    drama, ljubavni

    Lillie Sterling comes with her husband, John, on a business trip to Java, expecting a second honeymoon. On the ship, she witnesses Javanese Prince De Gace mercilessly whipping a servant and shrinks...
  • Wrong Again

    Wrong Again (1929)

    kratki, komedija

    Among the horses stable hands Stanley and Oliver are tending is a thoroughbred named "Blue Boy." But when they overhear two men talking about a $5000 reward for the return of the stolen "Blue Boy,"...
  • Zhivoy trup

    Zhivoy trup (1929)


  • Abwege

    Abwege (1928)

    drama, ljubavni

    Njemački crno-bijeli nijemi film snimljen 1928. u režiji Georga Wilhelma Pabsta. Po žanru je drama, a protagonistica, čiji lik tumači Brigitte Helm, je supruga ostarjelog uglednika (čiji lik tumači...
  • Alraune

    Alraune (1928)

    drama, fantazija, znanstvena fantastika, horor

  • Belyy oryol

    Belyy oryol (1928)

    drama, povijesni

    "Not to spare bullets!" was the highest command to a governor in case of a workers' revolt. Desperate time - desperate measures. No participant can find rest after the event.
  • Braza Dormida

    Braza Dormida (1928)


  • Champagne

    Champagne (1928)


    A spoilt rich girl leads a life of luxury on the profits from her father's champagne business. To bring her back down to earth he tells her that all the money has been lost so she goes to seek her...