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  • The Cook

    The Cook (1918)

    kratki, komedija

    Kratka komedija koja se zbiva u hotelu na obali mora, a središtu zbivanja su kuhari. Oni, dakako, izazivaju kaos...
  • Two-Gun Gussie

    Two-Gun Gussie (1918)

    kratki, komedija, western

    Mladić (H. Lloyd) svira u baru na Zapadu u koji uđe opasan razbojnik Dagger-Tooth Dan (W. Blaisdell)...
  • Why Pick on Me?

    Why Pick on Me? (1918)

    kratki, komedija

  • Bucking Broadway

    Bucking Broadway (1917)


    A ranch foreman battles a rich stockbroker for the affections of a beautiful young woman.
  • Das fidele Gefängnis

    Das fidele Gefängnis (1917)


    A neglected wife disguises herself in order to lure her wastrel husband into a compromising position.
  • Easy Street

    Easy Street (1917)

    kratki, komedija

    When Charlie the Tramp wanders into a mission he is smitten by Edna and puts back the collection box which he has taken. Reformed, he becomes a policeman and is assigned to rough-and-tumble Easy...
  • Hanasaka-jijii

    Hanasaka-jijii (1917)

    animirani, kratki

  • Malombra

    Malombra (1917)

    drama, misterij, horor

  • Rapsodia satanica

    Rapsodia satanica (1917)

    drama, misterij, kratki, fantazija, horor

    Rapsodia Satanica (1915) was the last film directed by Nino Oxilia and is undoubtedly one of the finest achievements of the early Italian cinema. In it, Oxilia spins a variation on the Faust myth...
  • Satana likuyushchiy

    Satana likuyushchiy (1917)

    drama, horor

  • Terje Vigen

    Terje Vigen (1917)

    drama, ratni

    Terje Vigen, a sailor, suffers the loss of his family through the cruelty of another man. Years later, when his enemy's family finds itself dependent on Terje's beneficence, Terje must decide whether...
  • The Adventurer

    The Adventurer (1917)

    kratki, komedija

    Charlie escapes from prison. After rescuing a girl and her mother from drowning, Charlie is invited to their home where a big party is held and he is treated like a hero. However, as a result...