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  • Downhill

    Downhill (1927)

    drama, triler, avantura

    Public schoolboy Roddy Berwick is expelled from school when he takes the blame for a friend's charge and his life falls apart in a series of misadventures.
  • Duck Soup

    Duck Soup (1927)

    kratki, komedija

    Pursued by forest rangers who want to press them into fire-fighting duty, Stanley and Oliver hide in the home of a big-game hunter who has just left town. When they find out that the servants will be...
  • Eve's Love Letters

    Eve's Love Letters (1927)

    kratki, komedija

    A young wife is contacted by a former boyfriend, who informs her that he has a collection of her love letters that he will turn over to her husband unless the woman pays him off. She and her butler...
  • Fluttering Hearts

    Fluttering Hearts (1927)

    kratki, komedija

    Ignoring her father's attempts to counsel her, a young woman races off to a sale at a store. Chased by a motorcycle policeman, she eventually wins him over with the help of a friendly millionaire...
  • It

    It (1927)

    komedija, ljubavni

    Shopgirl Betty Lou has designs on Cyrus Waltham, the handsome owner of the department store where she works. Waltham, though, doesn't even know Betty Lou is around. In hopes of attracting Waltham's...
  • Jackie Coogan in Europa

    Jackie Coogan in Europa (1927)

    kratki, dokumentarni

  • Jewish Prudence

    Jewish Prudence (1927)

    kratki, komedija

  • Land of Eternal Summer

    Land of Eternal Summer (1927)

    kratki, dokumentarni

  • Le joueur d'échecs

    Le joueur d'échecs (1927)

    drama, fantazija

    In 1776, an inventor conceals a Polish nobleman in his chess-playing automaton, a machine whose fame leads it to the court of the Russian empress.
  • Long Pants

    Long Pants (1927)


    Harry Shelby has been kept in knee pants for years by his overprotective parents, but the day finally comes when Harry is given his first pair of long pants. Almost immediately, he is expected to...
  • Love 'Em and Weep

    Love 'Em and Weep (1927)

    kratki, komedija

    Old flame (Busch) shows up to blackmail married businessman (Finlayson). He enlists a friend (Laurel) to keep her away from his home and wife. Confusion prevails when she crashes a house party.
  • Metropolis

    Metropolis (1927)

    drama, znanstvena fantastika

    U dalekoj budućnosti, super moderan grad Metropolis dom je dvjema klasama: onima jako bogatim koji provode dane u dokolici te robovima koji u podzemlju grada rade na strojevima. Sin najbogatijeg...