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  • Jûjiro

    Jûjiro (1928)


    After falling in love with a courtesan, Rikiya is blinded by ash during a fight in a brothel. Believing the blindness permanent and his opponent dead, Rikiya goes back home to his sister. Okiku...
  • Kapitanskaya dochka

    Kapitanskaya dochka (1928)


  • Kurama Tengu

    Kurama Tengu (1928)

  • La passion de Jeanne d'Arc

    La passion de Jeanne d'Arc (1928)

    biografski, drama, povijesni

    The sufferings of a martyr, Jeanne D'Arc (1412-1431). Jeanne appears in court where Cauchon questions her and d'Estivet spits on her. She predicts her rescue, is taken to her cell, and judges forge...
  • La petite marchande d'allumettes

    La petite marchande d'allumettes (1928)

    drama, kratki

    An impoverished girl tries to sell matches on NYE. Shivering with cold and unable to sell her wares, she sits in a sheltered nook. Striking a match to keep warm, she sees things in the flame.
  • Leave 'Em Laughing

    Leave 'Em Laughing (1928)

    kratki, komedija

    Leaving the dentist's office, where Hardy's teeth have been extracted by mistake, the boys, still under the influence of laughing gas, meet up with a traffic cop (Kennedy) and cause a huge traffic...
  • Lonesome

    Lonesome (1928)

    drama, komedija, ljubavni

    A lonesome boy and a lonesome girl meet accidentally on their Saturday-off at Coney Island. It is love at fight sight but over the bewilderment of their sudden romance and escape from loneliness...
  • Matching Wits

    Matching Wits (1928)

    kratki, dokumentarni, sportski

  • Oktyabr

    Oktyabr (1928)

    drama, povijesni

    Tzv. februarskom/veljačkom revolucijom 1917. srušena je carska vlast u Rusiji. Nova vlada na čelu s Kerenskim ne popušta zahtjevima boljševika pa se oni, pod vodstvom Vladimira I. Lenjina, odlučuju...
  • Sadie Thompson

    Sadie Thompson (1928)


    Sadie Thompson arrives in Pago-Pago to start a new life, but when extremist missionary Davidson lashes out against her lifestyle and tries to force her back to San Francisco, she may lose her second...
  • Should Married Men Go Home?

    Should Married Men Go Home? (1928)

    kratki, komedija

    Olie in njegova žena uživata mirno nedeljsko popoldne doma, dokler se Stan ne prikaže na vratih, in želijo igrati golf z Oliom. Ko Stan skoraj povzroči požar v njihovi hiši, gospa Hardy napodi fanta...
  • Should Tall Men Marry?

    Should Tall Men Marry? (1928)

    kratki, komedija, western