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  • Max et Jane veulent faire du théâtre

    Max et Jane veulent faire du théâtre (1911)

    kratki, komedija, ljubavni

    Maks pokazuje svoje glumačko iskustvo. Publika odlučuje da se sa njim "našali" i priređuje da njegova gluma njemu postane dramatično iskustvo.
  • Nil bleu

    Nil bleu (1911)

    kratki, dokumentarni

    This beautiful film is a delightful excursion on the famous Blue Nile, among rocks and islets, made magnificent by dazzling rays of the Egyptian sun. Picturesque race boats are seen skimming over the...
  • Pierrot mystifié

    Pierrot mystifié (1911)

    kratki, komedija

    This excellent pantomime is highly entertaining and there is considerable novelty to those who have not heretofore had the pleasure of witnessing a pantomimic performance. It tells the story of a...
  • Red Star's Honor

    Red Star's Honor (1911)

    kratki, western

    Red Star, an Indian brave, and Jim Johnston, a cowpuncher, become fast friends and vow eternal friendship. Their friendship is known to those on the ranch, who do not regard it as anything but a...
  • Santa Cruz Beach and Cliff Drive

    Santa Cruz Beach and Cliff Drive (1911)

    kratki, dokumentarni

  • Scenes in Colombo

    Scenes in Colombo (1911)

    kratki, dokumentarni

    A film containing many unusual glimpses of native life. There are shown street scenes, natives road making, a lady barber shaving a male customer; Cingalese dances, grace somewhat lacking; bathing in...
  • The Apple of His Eye

    The Apple of His Eye (1911)

    drama, kratki

    The count had lost his daughter sixteen years before the story opens. She was then a little child of six. One day the Count, out for a walk with his doctor, comes across a pretty young woman washing...
  • The Atonement

    The Atonement (1911)

    drama, kratki

    Philip Gray is the owner of a number of East Side tenement buildings in New York City. Despite the censure of the press and the pleadings of his tenants to repair the buildings, the banker refuses...
  • The Baron

    The Baron (1911)

    kratki, komedija

    Dva konobar i putujući fotograf i... Sve je spremno za fotograsanje ili nije?
  • The Battle

    The Battle (1911)

    drama, kratki, akcija, ratni

    Vojnik dezerter pokušava da se iskupi za svoj kukavičluk kako bi dokazao da je dostojan srca svoje izabranice.
  • The Black Heart

    The Black Heart (1911)

    drama, kratki

    John Grant, who abhors gambling as thoroughly as he does wife-beating, and who, when he finds Thorne chastising his wife, trounces him. But don't think that the gambler relishes this. Rather, it...
  • The Confessional

    The Confessional (1911)

    drama, kratki

    The aristocratic parents were opposed to the obscure clergyman, and only reluctantly assented to his attentions towards their daughter. On a certain day, in their beautiful suburban village, a daring...