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  • The Villain Foiled

    The Villain Foiled (1911)

    kratki, komedija

    Kada pretndent koji želi brak sa mladom devojkom napije njenog verenika, njegovi prijatelji odlučujeu da to neće proći tek tako...
  • Tidying Up Paris

    Tidying Up Paris (1911)

    kratki, komedija

    The Commissioner of Works at Paris is greatly annoyed by the reports in the press, in which complaints of the untidiness of the streets are made. Angrily summoning the foreman, the Commissioner gives...
  • Vengeance Hath Been Had

    Vengeance Hath Been Had (1911)

    drama, kratki

    Carroll, inclined to waywardness while intoxicated, meets Jackson, and resenting the latter's refusal to drink, attacks him savagely, destroying his sight. Carroll escapes to a distant city, changes...
  • What Shall We Do with Our Old?

    What Shall We Do with Our Old? (1911)

    drama, kratki

    An elderly carpenter is told by a doctor that his wife is seriously ill. Soon afterwards, an insensitive shop foreman lays him off from his job because of his age. Unable to find work, and with his...
  • A Mexican Romance

    A Mexican Romance (1910)

    drama, kratki

  • A Mountain Wife

    A Mountain Wife (1910)

    kratki, western

    In the mountain wilds of Tennessee there is no end to the manufacture of moonshine whiskey. Whole families live on this nefarious trade and many of them die by it. The men who work at this business...
  • Afgrunden

    Afgrunden (1910)

    drama, kratki

    Danski je crno-bijeli nijemi film snimljen 1910. u režiji Urbana Gada. Po žanru je drama, a protagonistica je učiteljica (čiji lik tumači Asta Nielsen) zaručena za pastorovog sina (čiji lik tumači...
  • Frankenstein

    Frankenstein (1910)

    kratki, fantazija, znanstvena fantastika, horor

    Frankenstein, a young medical student, trying to create the perfect human being, instead creates a misshapen monster. Made ill by what he has done, Frankenstein is comforted by his fiancée but on his...
  • In the Border States

    In the Border States (1910)

    drama, kratki, ratni

    During the Civil War, a father living in a border state leaves to join the Union Army. After he leaves, Confederate troops forage on his property, where a soldier encounters one of his daughters. The...
  • Nantes

    Nantes (1910)

    kratki, dokumentarni

    This charming French town possesses many features of interest. One is a "hanging bridge," a kind of suspension bridge across which passengers are carried in a cage traveling beneath the main body of...
  • On the Mexican Border

    On the Mexican Border (1910)

    drama, kratki

    It all started when the transcontinental railroad decided to run a branch line up through the wild country right to the Mexican border. Phil Scott had charge of the survey and he met and fell in love...
  • Ramona

    Ramona (1910)

    drama, kratki, ljubavni, western

    Ramona is a little orphan of the great Spanish household of Moreno. Alessandro, the Indian, arrives at the Camulos ranch with his sheep-shearers, showing his first meeting with Ramona. There is at...