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  • The Fugitive

    The Fugitive (1963)

    drama, kriminalistički, triler, avantura

    Dr. Richard Kimble is accused as the murderer of his wife, tried and convicted. On his way to be executed, he escapes. The only chance to prove his innocence is to find the man who killed his wife...
  • The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery (1963)

    biografski, drama

    A two-part drama which portrays The Great Train Robbery of 8 August 1963, firstly from the point of view of the robbers and then from the point of view of the police who set out to identify and catch...
  • The Outer Limits

    The Outer Limits (1963)

    drama, misterij, fantazija, znanstvena fantastika, triler, horor

    Anthology type science fiction program with a different cast each week. Tending toward the hard science, space travel, time travel, and human evolution it tries to examine in each show some form of...
  • The Jetsons

    The Jetsons (1962)

    animirani, obiteljski, komedija, znanstvena fantastika

    The Jetsons are a family living in the future. They have all manner of technological appliances to help around the house. George Jetson works at Spaceley's Sprockets, doing his best for his family.
  • The Saint

    The Saint (1962)

    drama, kriminalistički, misterij, akcija, triler

    Britanska špijunsko-avanturistička u produkciji tvrtke ITC koja se emitirala na programu mreže ITV od 1962. do 1969. Naslovni junak joj je bio Simon Templar, fiktivni pustolov i maskirani borac na...
  • The Virginian

    The Virginian (1962)


    Serija prati pustolovine kauboja s ranča u Wyomingu, čiji je predradnik poznat kao Čovjek iz Virginije. Nižu se klasične western teme poput vođenja stoke, kauboja, indijanaca, razbojnika i pljačkaša...
  • Stranger on the Shore

    Stranger on the Shore (1961)

    drama, obiteljski

  • The Avengers

    The Avengers (1961)

    kriminalistički, misterij, komedija, akcija, ljubavni, znanstvena fantastika, triler

    John Steed works for British Intelligence and works with various partners, notably: Ian Hendry (series one), Cathy Gale (series two and three), Emma Peel (series four and five), and Tara King (series...
  • The Dick Tracy Show

    The Dick Tracy Show (1961)

    kriminalistički, animirani, komedija, avantura

    Cartoon series produced by UPA, in which Dick Tracy (voiced by the distinguished film and stage actor Everett Sloane) played more or less of an incidental role. Most of the crime fighting was left to...
  • Top Cat

    Top Cat (1961)

    animirani, obiteljski, komedija

    Set in the Alleys of New York, "Top Cat" tells the story of a gang of low-life cats with their charismatic Leader, Top Cat. With ability and mischief, Top Cat will always try to get rich gambling, to...
  • Bonanza

    Bonanza (1959)


    Bonanza je jedna od najpopularnijih i najduže emitiranih vestern serija. Mogla bi se opisati kao akcijsko-pustolovna, ali i obiteljska serija. Punih četrnaest sezona publika je napeto pratila...
  • Rawhide

    Rawhide (1959)


    Gil Favor is trail boss of a continuous cattle drive; he is assisted by Rowdy Yates. The crew runs into characters and adventures along the way.
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