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biografski, drama (2019)

En el corredor de la muerte

Ocjena korisnika
En el corredor de la muerte


En el corredor de la muerte




biografski, drama

Glavne uloge:

Ramón Agirre
  >  Cándido Ibar
Ben Temple
  >  Clay Monroe
Miguel Ángel Silvestre
  >  Pablo Ibar
Pau Poch
  >  Michael Ibar
Gianpiero Cognoli
  >  Phil Gentile
Laura De la Uz
  >  Cristina
Amelia Hoy
  >  Diana Blair
Marisé Álvarez
  >  Tanya Ibar (as Marisé Alvarez)
Vianessa Castaños
  >  Melisa
Nick Devlin
  >  Benjamin Waxman
Eric Goode
  >  Mike Rowland
Verónica Polo
  >  Rita
Gary Anthony Stennette
  >  Bruce
Mark Schardan
  >  Todd Mullin
Simão Cayatte
  >  Charles Bennett


January 27, 1994. The bodies of a man and two 25-year-old models are found riddled with bullet holes in the house of a nightclub owner. The police find a camera set up in the living room of the victim, which has filmed the murder. This footage is the main clue of the police - This is the reason why they decide to share the most valuable thing in it: the blurred face of one of the attackers. Three weeks later, at a police station in another district, an officer thinks he recognizes one of the killers: Pablo Ibar, a Spaniard who has been recently arrested with a couple of friends for a petty theft. Pablo swears he is innocent. None of the evidence found at the crime scene points to him...But it does not matter. Pablo is sentenced and sent to death row. This is the story of a man fighting to prove his innocence. The story of a family that never gave up.
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