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  • Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei

    Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei (1913)

    drama, avantura

    Well respected Pompeiian Glaucus performs an act of kindness by buying Nidia, a blind slave being mistreated by her owner. Nidia falls in love with her new master, but he only has eyes for Jone. Jone...
  • Ma l'amor mio non muore...

    Ma l'amor mio non muore... (1913)


  • Noch pered Rozhdestvom

    Noch pered Rozhdestvom (1913)

    kratki, komedija, fantazija

    Based on Gogol's story: It's Christmas Eve, and everyone in the village has plans. The devil and the witch Solokha are looking for ways of causing mischief. Chub the Cossack just wants some vodka...
  • Steak and Onions

    Steak and Onions (1913)

    kratki, komedija

    A clever story with wholesome fun and the healthy odor of onions of two bachelor girls who attempt light housekeeping in their rooms violating the instructions of a grouchy landlady. They run the...
  • The Battle of Elderbush Gulch

    The Battle of Elderbush Gulch (1913)

    kratki, akcija, western

    The fact that an Indian tribe is eating puppies starts an action packed battle in a western town.
  • The House of Darkness

    The House of Darkness (1913)

    drama, kratki

    A potentially violent patient in an insane asylum is calmed when he hears a nurse playing the piano. But shortly afterwards he breaks free, eludes his pursuers, and acquires a gun. He soon comes to a...
  • The Mothering Heart

    The Mothering Heart (1913)

    drama, kratki

    A young couple struggle to get ahead, the wife always assuaging the troubles of her melancholy husband. As he climbs the ladder of success, he abandons the homely values and takes up with another...
  • The Sheriff of Stone Gulch

    The Sheriff of Stone Gulch (1913)

    drama, kratki, western

    Black McCarty, a desperado, visits a bank and makes away with a package of money. The frightened cashier rushes to the office of the sheriff of Stone Gulch and tells a rather incoherent story because...
  • The Struggle

    The Struggle (1913)

    kratki, western

  • A Dash Through the Clouds

    A Dash Through the Clouds (1912)

    kriminalistički, kratki, komedija

    Popodne koje će se pretvoriti u avanturu koja će razrešiti zavrzlamu.
  • A Spanish Dilemma

    A Spanish Dilemma (1912)

    kratki, komedija

    Kako pridobiti ljubav lepe sinjorite... Pravo pitanje za one kojima se senjorita sviđa.
  • An Unseen Enemy

    An Unseen Enemy (1912)

    kriminalistički, kratki, triler

    The physician's death orphans his two adolescent daughters. Their older brother is able to convert some of the doctor's small estate to cash. But it is late in the day, and with the banks closed he...