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  • Just Bill's Luck

    Just Bill's Luck (1911)

    kratki, komedija

    Bill meets and promptly falls in love with a dancing girl, who belongs to a traveling show. He follows her to her van, and taking advantage of the absence of the proprietor, steals inside and makes...
  • Karadjordje

    Karadjordje (1911)

    drama, ratni

    This is the oldest found dramatic film from Serbia made in 1911. "Karadjordje" is a biography of a famed leader of a rebellion against the Turkish empire in 1804. We can see his whole life since...
  • L'orgie romaine

    L'orgie romaine (1911)

    drama, kratki

    A dissolute and bloodthirsty Emperor is on the throne, and a gorgeous representation of the Roman Court with its sumptuous surroundings and kaleidoscopic colorings is portrayed. In the year 215 of...
  • Maid's Revenge

    Maid's Revenge (1911)

    kratki, komedija

    Mr. Ingran, in need of a stenographer, advertises. After interviewing a number of applicants decides to take a capable looking young man. The next scene is laid in Mr. Ingran's home. In the kitchen...
  • Mated by Chess

    Mated by Chess (1911)

    kratki, komedija

    Edwin and Marjorie are two lovers whose fathers, not being on friendly terms, will not consent to their engagement. Marjorie has several girlfriends visiting her and in the course of their play a...
  • Max et Jane veulent faire du théâtre

    Max et Jane veulent faire du théâtre (1911)

    kratki, komedija, ljubavni

    Maks pokazuje svoje glumačko iskustvo. Publika odlučuje da se sa njim "našali" i priređuje da njegova gluma njemu postane dramatično iskustvo.
  • Nil bleu

    Nil bleu (1911)

    kratki, dokumentarni

    This beautiful film is a delightful excursion on the famous Blue Nile, among rocks and islets, made magnificent by dazzling rays of the Egyptian sun. Picturesque race boats are seen skimming over the...
  • Santa Cruz Beach and Cliff Drive

    Santa Cruz Beach and Cliff Drive (1911)

    kratki, dokumentarni

  • The Baron

    The Baron (1911)

    kratki, komedija

    Dva konobar i putujući fotograf i... Sve je spremno za fotograsanje ili nije?
  • The Battle

    The Battle (1911)

    drama, kratki, akcija, ratni

    Vojnik dezerter pokušava da se iskupi za svoj kukavičluk kako bi dokazao da je dostojan srca svoje izabranice.
  • The Grind

    The Grind (1911)

    drama, kratki

    David Collins enters a university to prepare for the struggle with the world. He is spotted the instant he appears on the campus and the students decide to make life miserable for the new arrival. He...
  • The Inventor

    The Inventor (1911)

    drama, kratki

    Poor man working on valuable patents. Wife becomes ill. He must send her to another climate. Borrows money. Sends wife to distant city. He continues work on invention. Debts come due. About to sell...