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  • Pierrot mystifié

    Pierrot mystifié (1911)

    kratki, komedija

    This excellent pantomime is highly entertaining and there is considerable novelty to those who have not heretofore had the pleasure of witnessing a pantomimic performance. It tells the story of a...
  • Red Star's Honor

    Red Star's Honor (1911)

    kratki, western

    Red Star, an Indian brave, and Jim Johnston, a cowpuncher, become fast friends and vow eternal friendship. Their friendship is known to those on the ranch, who do not regard it as anything but a...
  • Santa Cruz Beach and Cliff Drive

    Santa Cruz Beach and Cliff Drive (1911)

    kratki, dokumentarni

  • Scenes in Colombo

    Scenes in Colombo (1911)

    kratki, dokumentarni

    A film containing many unusual glimpses of native life. There are shown street scenes, natives road making, a lady barber shaving a male customer; Cingalese dances, grace somewhat lacking; bathing in...
  • The Apple of His Eye

    The Apple of His Eye (1911)

    drama, kratki

    The count had lost his daughter sixteen years before the story opens. She was then a little child of six. One day the Count, out for a walk with his doctor, comes across a pretty young woman washing...
  • The Atonement

    The Atonement (1911)

    drama, kratki

    Philip Gray is the owner of a number of East Side tenement buildings in New York City. Despite the censure of the press and the pleadings of his tenants to repair the buildings, the banker refuses...
  • The Baron

    The Baron (1911)

    kratki, komedija

    Dva konobar i putujući fotograf i... Sve je spremno za fotograsanje ili nije?
  • The Battle

    The Battle (1911)

    drama, kratki, akcija, ratni

    Vojnik dezerter pokušava da se iskupi za svoj kukavičluk kako bi dokazao da je dostojan srca svoje izabranice.
  • The Black Heart

    The Black Heart (1911)

    drama, kratki

    John Grant, who abhors gambling as thoroughly as he does wife-beating, and who, when he finds Thorne chastising his wife, trounces him. But don't think that the gambler relishes this. Rather, it...
  • The Confessional

    The Confessional (1911)

    drama, kratki

    The aristocratic parents were opposed to the obscure clergyman, and only reluctantly assented to his attentions towards their daughter. On a certain day, in their beautiful suburban village, a daring...
  • The Grind

    The Grind (1911)

    drama, kratki

    David Collins enters a university to prepare for the struggle with the world. He is spotted the instant he appears on the campus and the students decide to make life miserable for the new arrival. He...
  • The Inventor

    The Inventor (1911)

    drama, kratki

    Poor man working on valuable patents. Wife becomes ill. He must send her to another climate. Borrows money. Sends wife to distant city. He continues work on invention. Debts come due. About to sell...