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  • Kogitsune Reizô

    Kogitsune Reizô (1914)


  • Kri Kri prestigiatore

    Kri Kri prestigiatore (1914)

    kratki, komedija

  • La puledra bianca

    La puledra bianca (1914)


  • Le gendarme est sans culotte

    Le gendarme est sans culotte (1914)

    kratki, komedija

    A Moving Picture Company is about to take a scene but find they are short a pair of policeman's trousers. A cop comes along and after much persuasion is induced to loan his. To escape embarrassment...
  • Le ouistiti de Toto

    Le ouistiti de Toto (1914)


  • Little Jack

    Little Jack (1914)

    drama, kratki

    Little Sunbeam, an orphan, was adopted by her uncle at a very young age, and as he was a leader of a gang of thieves and outlaws, he kept her sex a secret from the gang, and dressed Sunbeam in boys'...
  • Love and Flames

    Love and Flames (1914)

    kratki, komedija

    Eileen Field is sought after by the town pest, Percy Montmorency, whom she rebuffs. Fire Chief Smaltz is also a suitor. Percy gets drunk and carelessly tosses lit cigarettes into some debris near...
  • Love Charm

    Love Charm (1914)

    kratki, komedija

    The leading character in this farce is Willie, the proverbial "tired" boy whose greatest happiness in life is eat. His father drives him from home, with the admonition that he must shift for himself...
  • Ma l'amor mio non muore...

    Ma l'amor mio non muore... (1914)


    Leslie Swayne, an adventurer, in order to obtain enough money to satisfy the needs of his extravagant life, has been bribed to steal the plans of the fortification from the staff officers of the...
  • Mabel's Strange Predicament

    Mabel's Strange Predicament (1914)

    kratki, komedija

    In a hotel lobby an inebriated Charlie runs into an elegant lady, gets tied hup in her dog's leash, and falls down. He later runs into her in the hotel corridor, locked out of her room. They run...
  • Mary Magdalene

    Mary Magdalene (1914)

    drama, kratki

  • Nunek geigt so schön

    Nunek geigt so schön (1914)

    kratki, komedija