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Filmovi na, stranica 5792

  • Chandu the Magician

    Chandu the Magician (1932)

    akcija, fantazija, znanstvena fantastika, avantura, horor

    Megalomaniac and would-be world dominator Roxor has kidnaped Robert Regent, along with his death ray invention, in hopes of using it to degenerate humanity into mindless brutes, leaving himself as...
  • Coeur de lilas

    Coeur de lilas (1932)

    drama, kriminalistički

    Lilac is consorting with the criminal scum of Paris but then she falls in love with a handsome detective...
  • County Hospital

    County Hospital (1932)

    kratki, komedija

    Visiting Oliver in the hospital where he's recovering from a broken leg, Stanley wreaks havoc on both his friend (getting Oliver strung up from the ceiling by his cast-encased leg) as well as the...
  • Crooner

    Crooner (1932)

    drama, komedija, glazba

    Story of a saxophonist and his rise to fame as a singing star.
  • Cynara

    Cynara (1932)

    drama, ljubavni

    London barrister's marriage is under strain after his affair with a shop-girl who is out to have him. Told in flashback.
  • Das blaue Licht

    Das blaue Licht (1932)

    drama, misterij, fantazija

    Junta is hated by the people in the village where she lives, especially by the women, who suspect her of being a witch. Only she can climb the nearby mountains to a cave high up, whence a mysterious...
  • Der Rebell

    Der Rebell (1932)


    A young medical student returns to his Tyrolean home to find out that Napoleon's troops have taken over the area and that his mother and sister have been murdered.
  • Der Stolz der 3. Kompanie

    Der Stolz der 3. Kompanie (1932)


    The adventures of smart soldier Gustav Diestelbeck include managing his superior officer, competing for the canteneer's daughter, evading punishment for discipline faults and hosting Prinz Willibald...
  • Devil and the Deep

    Devil and the Deep (1932)


    Naval commander Charles Sturm has made life miserable for his wife Diana due to his insane jealousy over every man she speaks to. His obsessive behavior soon drives her to the arms of a handsome...
  • Die verliebte Firma

    Die verliebte Firma (1932)


    Die verliebte Firma was Max Ophüls' first feature film. The story follows a movie crew who is filming a musical in a small and idyllic alpine village. After their temperamental leading lady drops out...
  • Doctor X

    Doctor X (1932)

    kriminalistički, misterij, komedija, znanstvena fantastika, triler, horor

    A monster lurks as New York newspaperman Lee Taylor investigates one of the "Moon Killer" murders, in which the victims are strangled, cannibalized and surgically incised under the light of the full...
  • Ein Lied, ein Kuß, ein Mädel

    Ein Lied, ein Kuß, ein Mädel (1932)

    komedija, glazbeni

    Peter Franke owns Supraphon record company, which has one main competitor in Lyraphon. As a commercial strategy Peter gets engaged to her counter partner Asta, to his assistant Münzer's approval...