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  • Doctor Cha

    Doctor Cha (2023)


    Priča priču o diplomiranoj doktorici koja je postala kućanica, ali se nakon 20 godina odlučila vratiti poslu kao specijalizantica prve godine i suprugu liječniku koji vodi savršeni dvostruki život...
  • Dois Tempos

    Dois Tempos (2023)

    drama, fantazija

    A story of two girls who travel through time and change places from 1922 to 2022.
  • Drag Race Sverige

    Drag Race Sverige (2023)

    realiti tv, kviz

    Nine talented drag queens are ready to fight for the glamorous title of the Queen of Drag Race Sverige. Who has what it takes to stay, and who will be forced to leave the competition?
  • Drift - Partners in Crime

    Drift - Partners in Crime (2023)


    Drift - Partners in Crime njemački je triler redatelja Tima Trachtea s Kenom Dukenom i Fabianom Buschom kao zaraćenom braćom Alijem i Leom Zellerom. U drami se par okuplja kako bi otkrili istinu iza...
  • Drops of God

    Drops of God (2023)


    A woman discovers the world's greatest wine collection that's left by her estranged father and competes against a Japanese man to claim her inheritance.
  • Dublin Narcos

    Dublin Narcos (2023)

    kriminalistički, dokumentarni

    The story of how Dublin transformed from a recession-blighted city in the 1980's to a growing metropolis in the 1990's. As its fortune changed, so too did its criminals.
  • Dudes

    Dudes (2023)


    Billuka is a renowned Fintech company created and managed altogether by Julian and his friends Ricardo, Simón, Santiago, Tomas, Daniel and Mafe. On the other hand, Antonia, daughter of a very...
  • Duty After School

    Duty After School (2023)


    A science fiction thriller that depicts all students across the country fighting against unidentified objects ahead of the CSAT and fighting for extra points.
  • Dziewczyna i kosmonauta

    Dziewczyna i kosmonauta (2023)

    drama, ljubavni, znanstvena fantastika

    Povratak nestalog astronauta nakon 30 godina ponovo zapali ljubavnu iskru, ali i privuče zanimanje korporacije koja želi saznati zašto nije nimalo ostario.
  • Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All

    Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All (2023)

    biografski, glazba, dokumentarni

    Follows Sheeran's personal life as he discusses how this trying time has affected him and his new music. It will spotlight how an unlikely child with a stutter rose to fame and how his chart-topping...
  • El amor después del amor

    El amor después del amor (2023)

    biografski, drama, glazba

    No one can and no one should live without love. This bioseries traces the passionate life and career of iconic Argentinian rock star Fito Paez.
  • El club de los graves

    El club de los graves (2023)

    drama, komedija, glazba

    The unconventional music teacher Amaranto Molina teaches at a school that specializes in music education. The school is run according to old rules and disadvantages those students who do not meet the...
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