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  • Marco Polo

    Marco Polo (1982)

    biografski, drama, povijesni, avantura, ratni

    The life and experiences of the 13th-century explorer, who sought to connect the civilizations of China and Europe through trade.
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  • Nature

    Nature (1982)

    obiteljski, dokumentarni

    Nature je PBS-ov poznati prirodoslovno-popularni dokumentarni serijal koji se snima skoro 30 godina. Kroz to vrijeme nas je upoznao s mnogim ljepotama flore i faune našega planeta. S emitiranjem je...
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  • Police Squad!

    Police Squad! (1982)

    kriminalistički, komedija

    Marginally a "straight" police drama in the Jack Webb/Quinn Martin school, Police Squad occurs in a strange universe where everything is taken literally (when a name "rings a bell" we here bells go...
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  • Smiley's People

    Smiley's People (1982)

    drama, misterij

    Called out of retirement to settle the affairs of a friend, Smiley finds his old organization, the Circus, so overwhelmed by political considerations that it doesn't want to know what happened. He...
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  • Space Cobra

    Space Cobra (1982)

    animirani, akcija, znanstvena fantastika, avantura

    In the 24th Century, space adventurer Cobra, charismatic vagabond with mysterious past and a powerful "psychogun" for a hand, fights diabolical crime syndicate known as the Galactic Guild with the...
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  • T.J. Hooker

    T.J. Hooker (1982)

    drama, kriminalistički, akcija

    In the tradition of other cop shows like "Miami Vice" and "Car 54, Where Are You?", this series is no exception. The viewer follows the exploits of T.J. Hooker and Vince Romano as police officers, as...
  • Taiyô no ko Esteban

    Taiyô no ko Esteban (1982)

    animirani, obiteljski, avantura

    The year is 1532. Esteban, a young boy, is told that he was saved by Mendoza, a navigator on a Spanish ship from a ship wreck in a storm at sea. The only clue to his identity is a medal that Esteban...
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  • The Black Adder

    The Black Adder (1982)


    BBC-jeva humoristična serija u četiri sezone i više zasebnih epizoda govori o životu Edmunda Crne Guje. Svaka se sezona bavi drugim povijesnim razdobljem i shodno tomu i drugom Crnom Gujom koji je...
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