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  • Lost in Space

    Lost in Space (1965)

    obiteljski, komedija, fantazija, znanstvena fantastika, avantura

    Godine 1997, Zemlja je prenaseljena. Profesor John Robinson, njegova žena Maureen, deca (Judy, Penny i Will) i Don West izabrani su da otputuju na treću planeta sazvežđa Alpha Centauri i tamo...
  • Moment in the Sun

    Moment in the Sun (1965)


    Marshal Shaw arrests outlaw Reed McCuller. Shaw tries to use Favor's drive as cover to avoid a posse led by Lindsay McCuller, who wants his brother dead, are onto the plan. A stampede results. Shaw...
  • Mrs. Harmon

    Mrs. Harmon (1965)


    Wishbone quits the cattle drive because he falls in love with a family of three boys and an abused wife. The wife shoots her drunken husband when he starts beating Wishbone, who takes responsibility...
  • National Geographic Specials

    National Geographic Specials (1965)

    povijesni, dokumentarni

    For over 30 years, the National Geographic Society has presented specials on nature, foreign culture, scientific breakthroughs, and things which fall under the general category of "neat stuff." Each...
  • Prairie Fire

    Prairie Fire (1965)


    Wishbone is supposed to be bringing a dead friend's herd to join the drive while Favor is faced with a raging prairie fire that threatens the herd. However, Wishbone learns his friend's ranch hands...
  • Retreat

    Retreat (1965)


    Army Major, commander of his post, feeling denigrated by the Army, steals the Army's cash on his last day and packages it for Favor to mail to the Major who plans to abscond, but new information...
  • Ride a Crooked Mile

    Ride a Crooked Mile (1965)


    Jed convinces Rowdy against his better judgment to hire Danny Hawks who is riding an expensive stallion. Danny proves to be a capable drover but when Nat Benson wants Danny and the stallion handed...
  • Six Weeks to Bent Fork

    Six Weeks to Bent Fork (1965)


    Rowdy is a week late to start a drive with a tight deadline. If they make the it, a big bonus awaits. However, Rowdy has to take Lash Whitcomb as his Segundo. Lash drives the men hard but near the...
  • Texas Fever

    Texas Fever (1965)


    Pete Nolan (Sheb Wooley), who'd been out scouting for the Army for the last couple of years, is back working for Favor starting in this episode, only to find himself falsely accused of rustling and...
  • The Big Valley

    The Big Valley (1965)


    Victoria Barkley heads her adult brood on the Barkley Ranch in California's San Joaquin Valley, near Stockton, in the 1870s. Heath is the illegitimate son of Victoria's husband, Tom (who is dead at...
  • The Book

    The Book (1965)


    Smooth-talking Pop Starke tries to talk Rowdy and another drover into working with him participating in traveling "shooting contests". What Starke is actually looking for is his next gunfighter to...
  • The Calf Women

    The Calf Women (1965)


    Two calf women picking up calves drives don't want join the drovers. Rowdy comes to like the older dowdy sister but when a member of a buffalo hunt is killed by her for attacking her younger sister...
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